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As a beginner pilot (currently working towards my PPL in Canada), advanced freediver and thoroughly worn-in traveller (6 years on the road) I have decided to share my adventures on here for anyone wishing to follow along. Whether you’ve been travelling for years or you’re an aspiring beginner, here at FlyingFreediver you’ll find tons of useful advice and inspiration to begin your own travels.

Plus there’s heaps of information on freediving and flying to be found. Each section records my progress in both areas from beginner to the present day. There’s plenty of advice, recommendations and ideas on how to improve your skills if you’re keen to delve into either (or both) of these worlds.

Latest Blog Posts

Take-offs, circuits and landings

The most important part of flying, being able to land safely, is finally within reach of my abilities. I never really thought this day would come, but those landings were bumpy enough for me to realise that my instructor wasn’t the one in control!

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Spins and Spiral Dives

Having just spent two flights working on spins and spiral dives I hope to convey how that feels into the words below. Terrifying, exhilarating and gut-wrenching would be my choice, I won’t be repeating them again in a hurry just yet, but I sure am glad to have had the experience and to have lived to tell the tale!

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My flight training begins!

It was months ago when I realised that this flying goal of mine was actually achievable and I applied and got accepted at a flight school out here in British Columbia. Ever since I received confirmation of my acceptance into the school I have been mentally and emotionally all over the place.

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Popular Blog Posts

Equalising Tips for Freediving

If you’re struggling with equalisation issues, then first of all, know that you are not alone. Second of all, don’t let it discourage you into believing that you can’t achieve your goals of training yourself to have easy and comfortable equalisations in the future.

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Top 10 Green Travel Tips

Travel and being eco-friendly unfortunately don’t go hand in hand. Unless you’re thinking of walking, sailing or cycling around the world then you’re pretty much directly impacting the fragile eco system that we inhabit. However, there are ways that we can reduce our environmental footprint for the betterment of the planet.

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